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We are a group of professionals (psychologists, educators and psychotherapists) who have come together to establish FENIKS, a project which it is hoped will successfully fill a gap in the psychological services available to the Polish community in Edinburgh. The aim of the project is to help those individuals living away from their homeland in facing the challenges which result from immigration. Difficulties may arise in one's work or personal life which necessitate contact with a therapist, and some deeper psychological disorders may surface which require that contact on a longer term basis. The breadth of knowledge and experience of the project members (gained both in Poland and the UK) allows for the provision of comprehensive psychological help for adults, adolescents and children In turn it is hoped that the quality of life and personal well-being of our help centre clients rises to a level sufficient to allow them to function effectively and happily within society. FENIKS. Counselling, Personal Development and Support Services Ltd is a company limited by guarantee without a share capital, registered in Scotland, Company No. 329038 FENIKS is a non profit project based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Charity No. SC039041 .

    AAbout Us

    FENIKS Counselling, Personal Development and Support Services Ltd. provides services within the following areas: I. Psychological help Adult therapy and counselling Psychological consultation and advice Crisis interventions Group therapy Couple and family therapy and counselling Individual therapy for: Anxiety disorders Drug or alcohol addiction (or abuse) Difficulties in adaptation to the new stressful environment Relationship problems Depression Low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence Personality disorders Children and adolescents therapy: Individual counselling for children and adolescents with: Learning difficulties Anxiety disorders Behavioural disorders ADHD Difficulties in their social life Eating disorders Experimenting with drugs and alcohol Psycho-educational groups and advice for parents whose children try the psychoactive drugs Therapeutic and developmental workshops II. Supporting personal and professional development Among the services focused on helping individuals to reach their full potential we offer: Workshops to prepare our clients to perform their best during their job interviews One-to-one sessions for individuals struggling with job hunt Self-help groups for the immigrants (to let them share their experiences about various aspects of life in Scotland) Communication skills workshops and trainings (i.e. assertiveness, self-confidence, interpersonal skills, self-presentation; personal growth programme) Workshops supporting immigrants’ integration into the Scottish environment Depending on needs, part of the workshops could be conducted in English.

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    FENIKS. Counselling, Personal Development and Support Services Ltd

    : 075 101 224 25
    : 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE